Choosing a company to install palisade fencing

When having a new fence installed it can be one of the best investments you can make, not to the value of you property but to the safety of your family and also the decorative look and security of you property. More information on palisade fencing can be found at

Choosing the correct company to install the new fence is vital. You will want them to be extremely experienced, highly skilled and willing to work.

The installers that you ultimately choose should understand that the job Is putting a boundary around your property and the craftsmanship must be to a very high standard, the fence should also be structurally safe as it will be your responsibly as the home owner.

To find the perfect company to do the job you could look through the telephone book but that method is becoming outdated very fast. We recommend that you do an online search, you will soon land at one of the many review and rating websites. These offer previous customers of the companies to rate on how well the job was done and also if they think the price was acceptable.

It is possible you will land on a review website, these can be a great place but be very careful as companies can and will leave positive reviews for their own company.

A good company will come to the property and discuss your requirements including the type of fence you require, the materials used and the time scale. The contractor will measure for the fence and give you a written estimate with all the details of the type of fence, materials used, if you require gates and what type they are an example would be palisade gates and the final cost.

We don't advise you to trust any company that is not willing to come to your property, take a look at the job and give you an estimate in writing. These companies generally give an estimate over the phone or email but it is not possible to give a price without first looking at the job.

When you have at least 3 estimates you should consider if one is far cheaper than the others, if it is you should steer clear of this one. The materials may be of lower quality or the fence installers will not be as skilled and as experienced, this giving a far lower quality fence at the end.